BB809: Behavioural Biology (5 ECTS)

STADS: 04015001

Master's level course approved as PhD course

Teaching period
The course is offered in the autumn semester.

Teacher responsible
Coen Elemans, Lektor, Ph.D.
Tlf.: 6550 4453 Email:

Group Type Day Time Classroom Weeks Comment
Common I Monday 08-10 U154 36-37
Common I Monday 15-17 U154 38
Common I Monday 08-14 *Odense Lokalitet aftales 11 40 Zoo
Common I Tuesday 08-10 U154 38,40
Common I Wednesday 08-10 U31 36-37
Common I Thursday 14-16 U154 38
Common I Friday 14-16 T8 39
H1 TE Monday 08-10 U154 41
H1 TE Wednesday 08-10 U31 40
H1 TE Wednesday 08-10 U154 41
H1 TE Thursday 08-10 U31 37
H1 TE Friday 10-12 U31 36
H1 TE Friday 14-16 U31 38
H1 TE Friday 16-18 T8 39
H1 TE Friday 08-10 U154 41
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Academic preconditions:
The curriculum from a bachelor in biology, psychology, engineering or similar must be known.

Course introduction
The aim of this course is to give students heading for a Master’s degree in Biology and an introduction into and a broad overview on Behavioural Biology. Students interested in the field are given the chance to gain insights into major breakthroughs in Behavioural Biology, training in relating to currently debated topics, and an orientation about interesting questions for future projects.

The course gives an academic basis for the course BB835 and for a thesis or another activity involving studying the topics in behavioural biology and neuroscience.

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:

Expected learning outcome
The learning objectives of the course are that the student demonstrates the ability to: Subject overview
The course covers a wide variety of topics in Behavioural Biology. The lecture topics are: Literature
There isn't any litterature for the course at the moment.

This course uses e-learn (blackboard).

Prerequisites for participating in the exam
  1. Active participation in lectures (min. 80%) and active participation in field trip. Pass/fail, internal evaluation by teacher.
Assessment and marking:
Portfolio with

In the literature seminars each student must choose a recent journal article on a Behavioural Biology topic. She/he is asked to prepare a short presentation and discussion of the work, which is presented and discussed in plenum. Two students are pre-assigned to be discussion opponents and have to prepare critical questions to the presenters.

Overall assessment, external marking and grades by the Danish 7-mark scale. (5 ECTS). (04015002).

Reexam in the same exam period or immediately thereafter. The mode of exam at the re-examination may differ from the mode of exam at the ordinary exam.

Expected working hours
The teaching method is based on three phase model.
Intro phase: 20 hours
Skills training phase: 25 hours, hereof:
 - Tutorials: 20 hours
 - Excursion: 5 hours

Educational activities

Educational form
Activities during the study phase:

This course is taught in English.

Fall 2017 will be the last time this course is offered as a master course - from the fall of 2018 the course will be offered as a bachelor course. Bachelors is therefor this fall 2017, allowed to take this course.

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