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On this page you can build your own timetable. You can add and remove courses from your timetable using the menu to the right.

How to build your own timetable:
Select the department at which the course is taught in the menu to the right.

Having done this, you will now see all the courses taught at the chosen department. Select the course for which you want to see the timetable and click on “add course”. You should do this for each course. If you want a timetable for at specific group, you should select the group before clicking on “add course”. All groups are listed underneath the course list. It is also possible to select what kind of teaching you want to show on your timetable. Click on “update timetable” to see the timetable.

Click on printer icon in the upper right corner to get a printer friendly version of the timetable.

If you wish to add the personal timetable to your calender, then click here to see how it's done.

Please note:
The timetable is not necessarily set in stone, so deviations may occur. Whatever choices you make on this site do not influence your official course enrollments. In other words, you do not sign up for courses here.

The timetable below contains your selected courses. There are normally three different types of lessons. An I denotes lectures, a TE denotes tutorials, and a TL denotes practical exercises e.g. in a laboratory.

For questions regarding your timetable, please contact Lisbeth Anni Mortensen on

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