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FY508: Physics of condensed matter (10 ECTS)

STADS: N500005101

Bachelor course

Teaching period
The course is offered in the autumn semester.

Teacher responsible
No responsible teachers found, contact the department if necessary

Group Type Day Time Classroom Weeks Comment
Common I Monday 12-14 U81 36
Common I Monday 12-14 U28A 37
Common I Monday 14-16 U154 38-41,43-44,46-51
Common I Monday 10-12 U154 45
Common I Tuesday 10-12 U154 36-41,43-51
Common I Wednesday 08-10 U154 37-41,43,45-51
Common I Thursday 12-14 U154 44
Common I Friday 08-10 U145 37,41
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Academic preconditions:

Course introduction

Expected learning outcome

Subject overview

There isn't any litterature for the course at the moment.

This course uses e-learn (blackboard).

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Assessment and marking:

Expected working hours
The teaching method is based on three phase model.

Educational activities

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No recorded information about the language used in the course.

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