BB823: Sound and hearing (5 ECTS)

STADS: 04006601

Master's level course

Teaching period
The course is offered in the spring semester.

Teacher responsible
Coen Elemans, Lektor, Ph.D.
Tlf.: 6550 4453 Email:

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Feltkursus uge 22 på Søgaard.


Academic preconditions:

Course introduction
An introduction to bioacoustics (animal hearing and sound communication).

Expected learning outcome
Upon completion of the course the student:

  • should have a basic knowledge of acoustics
  • should be able to describe the anatomy and physiology in different animal groups’ hearing organs
  • should be able to describe sound communication in different animal groups
  • be able to explain the physiological and psychophysical methods for measuring hearing and sound production
  • will have conducted an independent bioacoutics project
  • should be able to describe the experiments and results in a satisfactory academic language.
Subject overview
Basic acoustics, hearing and sound communication in animals, noise measurement and sound analysis

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This course uses e-learn (blackboard).

Prerequisites for participating in the exam

Assessment and marking:
  1. Project assignment and lab. work, Pass/fail, internal evaluation by teacher
    Active participation and an oral presentation at a student seminar is necessary to pass the course

Reexamination in the same exam period or immediately thereafter

Expected working hours
The teaching method is based on three phase model.
Intro phase: 10 hours
Skills training phase: 20 hours, hereof:
 - Laboratory exercises: 20 hours

Educational activities Study phase: 20 hours

This course is taught in English.

Course enrollment
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